Paul van Gent, MSc

Delft University of Technology

•   Gent, P. Van, Farah, H., Nes, N. Van, & Arem, B. Van. (2017a). A Conceptual Model for Persuasive In-Vehicle Technology to Influence Tactical Level Driver Behavior. Submitted to Transportation Research Part F : Traffic Psychology and Behaviour.



•   van Gent, P., Melman, T., Farah, H., van Nes, N., & van Arem, B. (2018). Multi-Class Driver Workload Prediction Using Machine Learning and Off-The-Shelf Sensors. Submitted and accepted for Transportation Research Board Conference 2018.





Paul van Gent works as a PhD researcher on the Taking the Fast Lane project. Paul received his MSc. degree in Cognitive Psychology from Leiden University in 2014. After receiving his Msc. degree, Paul worked at the Dutch Research Organisation for Traffic Safety (SWOV), where he developed an open sensor platform for use in naturalistic cycling and driving studies.


Within the Taking the Fast Lane project, he works novel ways of safely influencing driver behaviour using in-car technology coupled with machine learning algorithms.

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