Dr. Ir. Nicole van Nes is Senior Project Manager at the SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research. As Nicole is responsible for the research on safety in the transition to higher levels of automation of the traffic system. Nicole initiated and developed long term research vision for safety opportunities and challenges in the transition towards higher levels of traffic automation. Nicole collaborates with national and international leading institutes in research and industry.


In 2016 Nicole was seconded to ARRB in Sydney for 3 months to contributed to the Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI). In 2008 and 2009, Nicole was guest researcher for a year at Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) in Melbourne, Australia. Nicole is Member of the Board of HUMANIST Network of excellence, a network of over 20 partners from research and industry across Europe on Human Centred Design for Information Society Technology.


In Taking the Fast Lane project Nicole is the daily supervisor of Paul van Gent, who is working on persuasive lane use advice provision in relation to driver workload and user acceptance.


With a Master study in Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft) and a PhD in Social Science (Rotterdam) Nicole’s research typically has a multi-disciplinary nature, bridging technology and behaviour incorporating the interrelation between road design, vehicle design and human behaviour. She has published in a wide range of journals on a wide range of topics.




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